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L2S #13 Leather & Lace

Hmm..upon closer inspection after post processing, I really think the top is either a knitted or crochet texture. But I couldn’t bring myself to title this Leather and Crochet 🙂

Ariadna Garrigus of ArisAris is one of the many designers featured at this month’s Garage Fashion Fair. I happen to drop in her store there and picked up her Curly Outfit. It comes paired with boy shorts, but I decided to forgo them and slip on erratic’s classic zoey leather pants instead..

This is Learning 2 Style post is an ode to my sis Cougar Sangria, who can’t get enough of her lace 😛 If she collected hankies irl, I’d be sure they are lace.. as well as her underthings, her pillows, her blankets, the curtains.. sis you stitch lace on your kitchen towels too don’t you? *runs*

Do click on the hyperlinks for a closer look at each featured item.. Until next time 🙂

Featured Items:

Top> ArisAris’ Ruffled Lace Blouse from Curly Outfit (aha! I double checked in world and it lists as lace!)Available @ The Garage Fashion Fair 

Pants> erratic’s zoey leather pants

Shoes> ryvolter Ulla Translucent Pumps in black


Hairdid> LoQ Sherry in chocolate copper (New!)

Skin> Izzie’s Asia in Peach

Hands> Slink’s Hand Elegant 1

Nails> Izzie’s Metallic Fingernails | black



  1. Cougar Sangria says

    HaHaHa…How did you know I have lace hankies in RL? Have you been peeking in my drawers and I don’t mean my lace ones either 😛 I could just squeeze the puddin out of ya:)


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