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Guilty Confessions…

she’s so emo!

At the time of this writing, I’ve used all of my Get Out of Jail For Free cards. Its said that confession is good for the soul, so rather than just throwing it all up like a bad case of indigestion…going to call this a soul cleansing…

Here’s my take on the SL Guilty Confessions Meme by the illustrious Strawberry Singh~

5. “The standing on your platform undressed- eeshuu”.. Aye. There was a time when my avatar could dance hours on end like some of you, whilst I frittered away on Skype with my friends. But when you’ve put on the mantle of “Second Life Fashion/Lifestyle/Home/everything else” blogging, I suppose it is a normal to be naked on a pose stand, on a platform. Forget that your friends have access to your land and stand there, only to spam you, asking why are you naked. It doesn’t bother me any more. At least not on Mondays.

4.  I gossip way too much. And we know what happens to these kinds of people.. oh wait thats me. I have a nasty habit of opening my mouth (typing everything out before I think it through). And that ole’ karma bug has bit me high and dry a few times, to where I’ve had to eat my words. Thankfully, habits can be broken, and I’ve learned to read and reread before hitting enter.

3.  I’ve deleted ‘friends’ without an explanation. And they weren’t Mass TP related either. Granted I’m just another bloop on the grid, not even a speck, but all of us have our own area of influence. Following my resignation at my former place of SL employment, I found that removing toxic ‘friends’ from that establishment, caused a great deal of drama. (Of course I had my popcorn ready!) And I am still at a loss as to why I should have to explain anything I do with my Second Life to anyone.  But heck, anything for drama and popcorn I guess :/

2. Pixelated Horizontal Lambada. Or better known as Slex. This one probably will freak you all out, or get a snicker or two, but it issss a confession.  I’ve worked on the grid as an exotic dancer (private/club), and didn’t do soooo bad. But if my clients had an inkling of what went on behind the screen.. (brace yourselves).. (munching on popcorn and drinking my pop, filing my nails, folding laundry O.O)  Really slexy right? But!!! It did pay for my tier :O So let that be a good lesson next time you’re in the mood for a ‘paid’ lap-dance.

And the all time dirty gritty horrible confession that has kept me from freeing my forlorn Second Life soul (and funds)…

1. I own Breedables. Yes, yes I do. Saved this for the first because, for me, breedables can either be a PITA bonifide.. or a rewarding part of the SL game experience. Breedables steal my lindens like a man starving for.. slex (I guess). They are prim-y, scrip-ty, expensive to feed-y, they procreate via script/text, and they take away precious shopping time. Yet with all of that awareness, I’ve humbugged the negativity and have kept my animals, in hopes of someday being able to nab a rarity. (Pretty laughable right there, but I have fun and isn’t that what matters?)

So this house is clear, and I feel a few kilobytes lighter!! Thank you once again to the lovely Strawberry Singh for a fantastic Monday meme. Do visit her website to join in on all the Meme-Action 🙂 aloha..

Featured Items:

Top> Ricielli Biker Jacket in wine by Fhara Acacia Available @ The Dressing Room Fusion

Skirt> LeeZu! Nuage Mesh Skirt in Art nouvelle by LeeZu Baxter

Shoes> SimIlar Leather Palermos | red | comes with Texture HUD (white/black/red options) by Larisa Tylman

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Hands> Slink Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands Left Bag, Right Casual

Hairdid> LoQ ‘Beer’ in Black by Gia Pawpad Available @ The 100 Block Event

Skin> Belleza Ava SK 100Block Available @ The 100 Block Event

Eyes> Ikon’s Vanity Eyes | Parchment | New @ Mainstore

Make-up & Lashes> Izzie’s I’m not Feeling Very Well; Lashes v1.03 by Izzie Button

Pose 1> aDORKable’s Blogger Bubble 3 (In honor of all things Adorkable Peapod)

Pose 2/3 !bang #300 various set



  1. LOL The best way to start a good popcorn-eating session is to defriend someone while they are online. Then mute them 😀

    I’m SO heading to LeeZu! I NEED that skirt!


  2. Haha I love what goes on behind your screen..I think most of us are doing something else behind the screen hee hee but most wont admit it. Loved this


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