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L2S #12 Color-tude

When life gets wonky, its good to surround yourself with uplifting things be it music, environment, people. Creativity can come from the darkest of situations, or on the wings of a child’s laughter. Today, I felt the need to calm and center, with some of my favorite colors.

Not a long yack session, but just an awareness. Purples, teals, aquas, greens, blues,  have the ability to calm me down and there fore be more creative. At least with styling.. after all this is “Learning to Style” yah?

Some folks tell me Style is something you can’t learn.. just like being a leader, you’re either born to be a leader or you’re born to be a follower. I respectfully disagree with this way of thinking. Style, I have found, takes training, a lot of humbling, and more training. And its always a plus when you have friends that will tell you straight up, “you look like cr**”.  Treasure those friends.

Thanks for dropping by and do click on the hyperlinks in the credits for an up close and personal look of the featured items.

Featured Items:

Gown> Shiki’s Bedazzled in Midnight Blue

Gloves> Madame du Couturier’s Mrs. Clause Classic Gloves

Hairdid> EMOtion’s Sunburst in Fantasy Violet FFL 2013

Hairpiece and Mask> Illusions’ Unseelie Headpiece and Facemask (Facemask can be detached to leave head piece) Available @ We Love Role-play


Skin> Belleza’s Ava SK 6 w/ strong lip gloss #4

Eyes> Dead Apples‘ Shattered | Cosmic

Poses> Magnifique Various


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