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One Thousand and One Nights

The greatest story teller known in all of Persia, Queen Scheherazade wove tales such as Aladdin’s Wonderful Lamp, Ali Baba and the Forty thieves, to calm a brooding (and slightly psychotic) King Shahryar. The Library’s Scheherazade is a gorgeous maxi dress whose elaborate trimming is so superb, why, I could go a bit ‘mad’ myself! (just not the beheading kind of mad :/ )

And I’m always game for maxi dresses, aren’t they the best during summer? I only wish I could have taken these shots on location, but taking it to the sky works just as good. Working with limited hardware, you just tend to ere on the side of caution, that is, until we can shell out for the beefy builds right?

If you haven’t toured “We Love Role-Play”, take a peek at their website for more information, and check out Elysium Hynes’ Pinboards to see each vendor represented. Salaam fellow lurkers as I bid you, adieu..

Featured Items:

Costume> The Library’s “Scheherazade” including cuffs, belt, scarf, bands, veil and earrings

Available @ We Love Role-Play Visit the Official Blog for more information!

Headpiece> MONS Mesh Coin Headband

Hairdid> Eater’s Coma Group Gift 3 | noir

Skin> Belleza’s Amy SK/BBB 2

Eyes> Ikon’s Lucid Series | The Abyss

Makeup> Pididdle’s Latex Liner and Lashes

*Slink Hands | Casual

*Poses> !bang various


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