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Three SL Wishes Meme

Yess’m..totally late to the meme party please forgive me 😀 Here is the ‘official’ excerpt from Strawberry’s blog for this Monday’s meme, My Three SL Wishes:

Meme instructions: Share three things you wish for or about your Second Life. They could be things you wish from Linden Lab, things you would like to have inworld, things you would like to do, or any kind of wishes you may have. Remember to leave your link in this meme’s post so others can come by and read your answers as well!

  1. I wish for an off world inventory system.. of sorts. Now I know this is technically 90% impossible, seeing that whatever we update in our inventories, the databases/servers/gray black dusty boxes… have to sync up live. Yeah I get that.. I can’t even think of another game where you can work on an inventory offline. But I can wish! 
  2. I wish for purchases made in world to name the actual object you are buying or receiving monies from in the transaction history. Let me explain. Not really sure if this is fixed yet so bear with me. And this would relate more to merchants or places where tips are collected. Ever try to figure out which tip jar was paying.. rather than seeing ‘Object’? (For example… Object has paid you 100L.. See? Was it a tip jar? Was it a hat? Did a robot pay you? Was it an exploder? A Random Money Giver??) They are good about showing the location, time, date, amount, or from which resident the money comes from… but hells bells, it would be nice to see the actual name of the ‘Object’ rather then.. ‘Object’.. Did I thoroughly confuse you all? my bad 😦
  3. Lastly, I wish that reroll Tuesdays were moved to a later time, say 9pm pst till 6am.. or something like that. Is it just me or, does server maintenance seem like a good thing to do, when the majority of users are not online? hm hm..Worried about paying admins too much overtime? Schedule later shifts 😀 (I don’t know seemed like a great idea in my head)
  4. Okay, this is the last one, cross my heart.. I wish more residents would be involved in the SL Community as a whole. Blogging has given me a deeper insight into this virtual reality, and I am learning so much about the residents who make the effort to reach out to the unlearned (aka moi). It’s one thing to be involved in something like a clan, RP group, Club Entertainment etc, but its quite another, to read about their experiences, via forums, blogs, etc. I thoroughly enjoy the laid back pace of SL off world. The Local chat doesn’t zoom by and nothing gets lost, thoughts, nuances or jokes otherwise.

Thank you Strawberry for another good one, and I’ll be sure to tell the genie that I owe him for that extra wish 😀

Do visit Strawberry Singh’s website under her meme categories and why not try it out today? You’ll love it!

Featured Items:

Top> Kunglers’ Phedora in grey lilac

Bottom> Kunglers’ Silvana in lilac silver

Shoes> Gos’ Grace Sandals | mirror

Bracelet> erratic’s owl bracelet in silver

Hairdid> Truth’s Ursula | swedish

Skin> Glam Affair’s Margot 06

Makeup> Glam Affairs’ Couture Eyeliner 02

Eyes> Tableau Vivant Galaxy Eyes | moon |

Poses> Ric.ielli and Purple Poses



  1. omg I agree with the inventory wish! I tell myself part of the reason mine is such a mess is because it’s so difficult to organise in world. Yeah, I know…any excuse not to do it 😀


  2. Ok first of all, that skin is just gorgeous on you! Beautiful pictures and styling. And second of all…a big YES to #1 that would be so totally awesome!


  3. aw geeze thanks Strawberry *blush*

    And anything LL can do with inventory control is a plus for all of us.. how wicked would it be if they developed a low impact client that was strictly for inventory control.. ahh a gal can wish !!!


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