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L2S #10 The Happy Blues

I’ve got the parenting blues. The kind that hits right before the Empty Nest blues syndrome. The kind, where you see your teen making grandiose plans with his or her life, and you know without a shadow of a doubt, they will accomplish them without your help (which is a good thing in my case). So I titled this post the Happy Blues lol. Anyhow, a bit of SL shopping therapy (maybe a RL one later on) did the trick!

The latest edition of the Couturier’s Docks @ Salimar is now open and the Asia dress from AngelsDemons immediately lifted my spirits. It is available in 3 different colors and I am wearing it in Azure. I think I chose the wrong hair to go with the ensemble though. To make up for that I finally had a chance to take out W. Winx/Flair’s current Winxbox available at My Attic. It’s a clever build, easy to use and only 95L! Event ends soon though so wikiwiki!

SL Shopping therapy, the cure for all ills, imagined or not.

Do visit The Couturier’s Dock to see the entire collection and if you have any advice for this ole codger who’s done lost her mind, feel free 🙂 Until next time.. aloha~

Featured Items:

Outfit> AngelsDemons  A. Azure Asia Mesh Dress with headdress Available @ The Couturier’s Dock

Bracelet> KOSH’s Nebula Bracelet

Hairdid> Truth’s London

Skin> Amacci’s Emma | Pale | Runway

Eyes> Tableau Vivant’s Galaxy Eyes | Moon

Photography Prop> W. Winx & Flair’s WinxBox “Change” | My Attic/The Deck

Windlight> Fairy Blue (Paulina)



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