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Create a Character Challenge

Girlinda | Race: Goblin | Class: Grim Reaper | Status: Last known 2008, I think she’s still stuck in a room full of cave spiders.

Some time ago I happen to run across a blog challenge that was featured on NWN. The ‘Create a Character Challenge’, originated from the lovely Pancake (aka Renoobed) and with the Fantasy Faire ending today, I thought it would be good timing to finally share my characters. Its a bit of a read though, so just in case you’d like to zip on through, the credits are of course, at the end of the post…

Here is the excerpt of the challenge from Renoobed..

 So I’m issuing a Blogger Challenge and I’m hoping at least a few pick it up because this isn’t just about me, it’s about acknowledging the bond between content and roleplay. Creators need customers for their content, consumers need somewhere to wear or use the items, sims need a player base, but those players need content in order for the genre and stories to stay fresh and so they need creators to make it. I’ve recently felt that there seems to be less themed or genre specific content than there used to be, but I’m happy to be proven wrong and perhaps it’s out there but not as well publicized or advertised or blogged as mainstream fashion content.  So I send you all out on a quest, the Create A Character Challenge:

1)     Put together a character with a theme or genre in mind.  There are no rules or limits, it could be a Vampire Queen or a Mad Steampunk Scientist, a Gorean Physician or a Greek Goddess, a hundred year old Pixie or an orphan trying to survive in a Post Apocalyptic time.  It doesn’t even have to be a specified roleplay genre, it could be inspired by any of the various cultures and groups we have in Second Life from Furries to Petites.

2)    Include a small biography of your character.  Again no limits, just your own imagination and comfort with writing.  It could be a narrator sharing a back story or a first person emote as your character introduces itself.

3)    As a bonus extra challenge, if you chose to accept, find a place in Second Life where your character would exist.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be an actual roleplay sim, just share some pictures of any location that seems to suit the theme of your character.

There is no time limit, and you can do more than one if you like.  Feel free to post the links to your blog in the comments here and add your pictures to the Flickr Group Existing roleplayers and non bloggers are more than welcome to show off their character by adding a picture and bio to the pool.

Please credit as many items as possible and the sim locations so we can help be part of the cycle I mention in my intro.

Of course I went all googly eyed at this year’s Fantasy Fair, and this challenge was the motivation to get my bottom there.. well that and getting in more monies for RFL, naturally.

The back story for each of my characters all began the same. Before MMORPG went 3d.. or even 2d, my rl brother and I played primarily on MUDs or Multi User Dungeons. And we’re talking about ancient technology (is there such a term??) This is an example of what us 30 something year olds used to call, epic pc gaming lol. Right so, we were Telnet addicts and a close friend of ours introduced us to a Bulletin Board System (BBS) that had several MUDs, one of which was called, Tele-Arena. Dungeon MMO in text. Similar to this:

We were bored middle school kids recently transplanted from the island of Maui, what else would we do BUT play computer games in the dead of winter? And like all teenagers do we extend that boredom and I decided to make a graphic novel based on my game-play. Ever since then, some aspect of these characters I created, has followed me everywhere on the internet, no matter where I choose to play, and Second Life is no exception 🙂

Girlinda, has always been my rock. I’ve written and re-written her many times over. She happens to be one of my first SL avatars. Her dark ebony hair, framed about a prominent brow, Girlinda started as a lesser goblin who has had to prove herself a hundred times over, in combat, in trading, in loyalty.. And over time, her true beauty, that of determination and courage, slowly melted away the grotesque and bulbous nose that is inherent to all goblins. Her charisma increased as she grew confident in battle, in wit and in conversation.

And with that charisma also came favor. Favor with her peers and with her enemies alike. Her features began to soften and her agile mind increasingly thwarted would be assassins, because you see, goblins aren’t the prettiest beings, no siree. Thieves, connivers and mischievous describe the lot. And that is why, Girlinda’s internal fight against her nature is still prevalent today. Her Elven friends, continually encourage her to always look forward and to remember her inner strength, for beauty is only skin deep.

Shao Yin | Race: Elven | Class: High Priest | Status: Last seen 2008, in some underground temple.. with a minotaur.

Shaoyin’s weak and feeble beginnings remind me that of a rose bush in the dead of winter.  Elves are usually ‘so heavenly minded, they are of no earthly good’. And I debated plenty when I created Shaoyin.. well, mostly about her stats lol. (If I reroll her again, will her stamina pleasseee hit 25 so she won’t die at the first blow??) Right that was my motivation. But her heals became legendary later on!

Shaoyin’s personality reflected that of the caring and helpful member of a great team. When she isn’t in one of her pensive and overly thoughtful moods, you can depend on Shaoyin. The type to always volunteer for the mundane, the quiet, steadfast, hard worker. She plods along willingly knowing that when she is needed, she is ready and available, but more importantly, willing. Where as Girlinda has had to fight for everything, Shaoyin has never been in want. She rather glories in the giving of herself to others, regardless of their race or background. And for an Elf, that is pretty rare doncha think?

Aravis | Race: Elven | Class: Celestial Knight | Status: Last seen 2008, in Towne Square, most likely in the temple, showing obeisance to the Sysop :/

And at last, we come to my interpretation of the leader of the pack, the Blossom to this Powerpuff Girl saga..Aravis. Usually when you play any MMORPG, you have several key team members right? (all the WoW addicts say amen.. oh and of course you too Ms. Anarchy Online). Now before you all roll your eyes and tell me that playing MMO’s and RPing are not the same, hear  read me out. Remember that these characters, originating from a game, later became my inspiration in RPing. They my starting points.
Aravis’ ties the other two entities together in this lovely triangle as the .. show off. She’s in the spotlight, like yesterday, and she demands an audience, like 5 minutes ago. Her skill set is top of the line, Psionic Awesomeness and her left hook is no joke either. Aravis tends to hold her ears high (haha joke) pointy perfect little nose up high, and walks with an ‘elven’ swagg. You know what I mean? and click here if you don’t. Aravis knows she is the ch*t and must needs always to tell you so. When Aravis is not busy going all Jedi with mobs, you can find her holding up the arms of Girlinda and Shaoyin. Because whether or not we like to admit it, there are places within our selves, our souls, where we know, without a shadow of a doubt, that as long as we have our strength (our friends, loved ones, etc).. we can overcome anything. And with this knowledge, comes power, and that is why fear rarely enters the mind and heart of my Aravis.

Thanks for coming by today and hopefully you read a few sentences here and there! Thanks to Renoobed for issuing this challenge, I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. I am only too sorry I wasn’t able to shoot on location.

Do Visit Renoob’s blog for the original post! It’s a thinker, but so worth it. It’ll push your imagination to its limits, and beckon you to take that proverbial leap into wonderful worlds you could only begin to dream of! Until the next~


Many of the items featured are still available @ The Fantasy Fair which ends today! Click for the taxi!



Cloak>22769 [homme] The Technomagician | Grey | Fantasy Faire 2013

Hairdid> Truth’s Mindy

Skin> The Plastik’s Arkasia Series | Varrus/Kin | Fantasy Fair 2013

Eyes> The Plastik’s Onicollection Underworld | Blue | Fantasy Fair 2013

Makeup> The Plastik’s Arkasia Series | Warr ; white Spots | Fantasy Fair 2013

Ears> 22769 Young Elven Ears (heavily modified) | Fantasy Fair 2013

Necklace> KOSH’s Lotus




Dress> the muses’ Starfall | flame | Fantasy Fair 2013

Hairdid> EMOtions’ Solitude | black | Fantasy Fair 2013

Ears> 22769 Young Elven Ears | Fantasy Fair 2013

Necklace> Pure Poison’s Meimei Set in Onyx | Available @ L’accessoires*

Ring> KOSH Fading Sun Ring

Skin> Pink Fuel’s Ghost | Gacha #4

Eyes> Ibanez Soft Glow Eyes | Panacea Light

Make up>Essences Hangover Eyeliner | Available @ The Dressing Room



Dress> 22769’s [femme] Queensdress | red | Fantasy Fair 2013

Crown> 22769 [femme] The Bone Crown | brown | Fantasy Fair 2013

Sleeves> 22769 [femme] Nouvette sleeves | blue | Fantasy Fair 2013

Necklace> KOSH’s Enigma Necklace

Ears> 22769 Young Elven Ears (heavily modified)

Skin> The Plastik’s Astrali Series | Saturne including Soul Ink Face tattoo____________

Poses: Purple Poses Various



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