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The Not-so Cozey SL….

Ohhh, we get to do a Top 5 Pet Peeve Meme this week! Strawberry has issued this challenge and gf? You weren’t kidding when you said it would cause some drama LOL!

I love these memes, and heck, I think we all love that you poop rainbows! We need more of that in this world (the rainbows the RAINBOWS!.. omg) Right, no more yacking, let’s get to the peeves yah?

Numero Uno: Spam Gesturebation: Didn’t even know that was SL terminology did you? Sounds kind of gross but really its a peeve that probably not many might even care about. Since I started to blog, I spend less time at clubs so its not much of a problem now. And TPV as well as SL viewers all allow you to turn off the sounds already so what’s the big whoop? Just this…

[17:36]  Aravis Tarkheenah (wendz.tempest):                  ★(`’·.¸(`’·.¸ * ¸.·’´)¸.·’´)★

[17:36]  Aravis Tarkheenah (wendz.tempest):      «´·.¸¸.•HOOOOOOOOOO!•.¸¸.·`»

[17:36]  Aravis Tarkheenah (wendz.tempest):                   ★(¸.·’´(¸.·’´ * `’·.¸)`’·.¸)★

[17:36]  Aravis Tarkheenah (wendz.tempest)  HAVING  MULTIPLE HOOGASMS!!!!!!

[17:36]  Aravis Tarkheenah (wendz.tempest):                  ★(`’·.¸(`’·.¸ * ¸.·’´)¸.·’´)★

[17:36]  Aravis Tarkheenah (wendz.tempest):      «´·.¸¸.•HOOOOOOOOOO!•.¸¸.·`»

[17:36]  Aravis Tarkheenah (wendz.tempest):                  ★(¸.·’´(¸.·’´ * `’·.¸)`’·.¸)★


20 times, over, and over again…..I’ll spare your eyes the torture.

Numero two: Residents who IM me about Mesh Clothing.
So the IM usually starts like this:

X resident: “Hi I’m new to SL and couldn’t help but noticing that you aren’t wearing any clothing. There is an empty space between your torso and legs. It would help me see better if you could put some clothes on..”
or some such drivel.

I’ve never cared one whit if it was said in local. Sometimes chat flies by too fast for me to catch it. But get into my private space and land that one? New to SL? Must have missed the memo about current viewers.. seeing that they’re all mesh enabled. But alas my bleeding heart..I end up putting on awesomeness anyway.

#3: Uncouth Virtual DJs/Broadcasters:
Here’s a tip for the Virtual Spinners, In-world broadcasters and the like. I dig your music, I tip whole heartedly and probably stalk your gigs and tell my friends about them too, but there comes a point when a listener gets sick of hearing !$@#$@# and $%^$%^&, repeatedly during a set. Last time I checked, F***in’ or F***, wasn’t an adverb. So, get over yourself, clean it up, and entertain us with your musical prowess. Sans..bleep.

Number IV: Out and out SL Catfish..
Yes it’s your SL, who are we to judge. But honey if you’re playing 10 avatars at the same time or close to it, with his or her own SL life, a different set of kids, partner, sim, job whatever.. do the other person a favor and be up front about it? Chances are they’re doing much the same and just love the RP. I know more people who’ve spent countless of hours devoted to SL for the promise of  RL only to get, for lack of a better word, catfished! **INCLUDING MYSELF 3/2016** (watch this video  for a good scare)

And last but not least numero 5:
I have to agree with the Profile peeve that Strawberry had listed for hers. This is the bad mamma jamma right here. When time is spent looking and reading a profile, all the road blocks to communication are usually out of the way because a.) You have foreknowledge, and so, better  pick up lines AND better ice breakers.. b.) You leave the ball in ‘their’ court! See now you can break the ice and not look like a snob or the Bloggeratti, and actually communicate! Reading a profile saves time, saves lives, saves heartaches and saves money. (really! tping to an empty store/land  for a purse you saw on a post only to find the store’s gone? uh huhhh)

So that takes care of my top five.

50k+ active users currently online makes for a LOT of profile perving, stalking, reading for me so best get to it! Thanks again to Ms. Strawberry for a great meme!

DO visit her website and join the SL Meme challenges!

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  1. I work with a couple of the DJs you mentioned. I've commented to them in IM to clean it up on occasion. I'm actually shocked by the fact that they say they don't realise they're saying it!Another of my profile-related peeves is when you IM someone after you have read their profile and they accuse you of being a stalker or worse. Duh…what's the point of filling out a profile if you don't expect people to read them???


  2. thats so totally true! It makes me wonder how on earth folks learned how to sign up and 'play' SL in the first place, it is a community after all. I've worked with a few DJ's as well and they've much said the same, its a habit mostly and I understand the nervousness for newer ones but even some 'seasoned' ones should know better.ty for stopping by! see you the next round hehe


  3. OMG I cannot believe I forgot to add gestures to my peeves list. It's totally way up there. I despise gestures so much and totally agree with you on your other points too. As for the drama, luckily there hasn't been too much, but it's early yet, lol!


  4. haa yes gestures had their glory days! I used to crash constantly with the spammers plus sounds when I first started SL. I'm totally having fun reading all the Peeves btw they make my day lol. We're not alone!


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