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Arcade, Collabor88.. and the SL Bloggeratti

   I’m in love… with lamps. And I should blog about them more. For this edition of the Arcade Gacha Fair, I managed to nab a few lamps from Cory Edo‘s machine. That spotlight lamp might be a good substitute for a studio light hm?
   When the previews came out for this month’s round, there were so many goodies, I think I suffered a 20 minute ‘moment’ of impulse shopping. Not to worry though, just doing my part to keep the SL money-go-round.. going.
   There have been so many negative articles, comments etc about these kinds of events, anyone notice that? Or am I just the newb-kid-on-the-block.. and this has been going on for years?
   So I’ve learned thus far, designers come together and share wares on a collective sim, joining by either paying an entrance fee, lease per day, or commission or whatever..for a monthly, weekly, whatever event for whatever cause. That about right?
   I’m still at a loss as to why all the event bashing lately. I thought these things ‘helped’ LL keep regions, and not lose them. Yes, we’re consumers, we have a right to complain, critique and whatnot, but I’ve always been of the mind, that if something’s not up to snuff, make a suggestion.. or move along.
   Got something to say? Something to complain about? Be sure you have a suggestion at the end. People are entitled to their opinion… and I am entitled to mine. However, an opinion gets lost in the blogosphere much like my stockings in my underwear drawer…SO, let’s do the metaverse a favor. Have our opinion, speak our minds!.. BUT let’s include a suggestion in there too. And maybe just maybe, the stigma of the ‘SL Bloggeratti’, could be abolished for good.
Right.. the credits, of course!
Hair: Clawtooth  Surfer Rosa Available at the Arcade
Skin: Pink Fuel Ghost Gacha 4  Available at the Arcade
Top: Happy‘s Timeless Beauty Blouse in Rose by Alika Luminos
Skirt: Minka Skirt in Lilac from Boom Available at Collabor88
Bag: Sleepy Eddy Fishing Bag Gacha  Available at the Arcade
And the Lamps!! and other Gacha Goodies..they always get me.
Trompe Loeil by Cory Edo..
-Paper Lamp Twist
-Paper Lamp Round
-Green Glass Buffet
-Spotlight Lamp
Alouette’s Bibliotheque Chair, Shakeup’s Arcade Fan, Vespertine’s Machinarium suitcase, Contraption’s Ballad Music Box, Leezu Greta flowerplay Curtains. Available all at the Arcade

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