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7 SL Facts Meme

Last week I decided to start a tumblr account for just day to day posts of randomosity, spam, unedited pictures, more spam, oh and yes, lurking. Social media and networking is fun, isn’t it? So much to learn, so many places to go, so many ‘sites’ to see. I happen to drop by earlier this evening and ‘stumbledupon’  Miss Painfully Hip’s 7 Facts about Dani post, which happens to be a quick and thoughtful blog challenge presented by Strawberry Singh  🙂 Do click on the hyperlink and jump on the bandwagon!
I wasn’t too keen on what exactly constituted a meme (pronounced ‘meem’, according to my 14 year old.. watch me roll my eyes and huff).. because there are so many types out there. Checked out the wiki page that Strawberry posted in her article and dug deeper only to find what I suspected all along.
Friends.. fellow bloggers..hovering lurkers.. we are in fact, part of a subculture. (Cue in the Twilight Zone music if you please). And not the kind that lives under the city in the sewers neither. I’ve always believed that to be a part of an online community of any sort, there was a certain.. etiquette if you will, that one must adhere to, and memes are no exception.

  An Internet meme may take the form of an imagehyperlinkvideopicturewebsite, or hashtag. It may be just a word or phrase, including intentionally misspelling the word “more” as “moar”, “the” as “teh, or “what” as “wat”. These small movements tend to spread from person to person via social networksblogs, direct email, or news sources. They may relate to various existing Internet cultures or subcultures(taken from Wikipedia)

I always wondered what in the world were hashtags. Thank goodness for teenagers :/

My Seven SL Facts Meme (meeeeeem for us oldie fogies)

  1. My current and main avatar is a third incarnation: I have no excuse but the ones that we’ve heard all before. I do like the fact we can spread out our inventories! 11k so far!
  2. I pretend to be AFK a lot, but really, I sit here irl eating doritos watching the local chat roll by and gesturebate to make conversation. (oh come on you do this too!)
  3. If there is something, someone, some place, some item, some event, some cause that I support, I will spend RL money to buy, donate, whatever.. to it.
  4. I own a prim baby O.O
  5. I own 30+ breedable horses. And their offspring. And their bundles. And their food.
  6. If I’m genuinely AFK, I make use of the client’s Autorespond feature, and like to put down what I’m actually doing, afk. Like, playing Minecraft. Its a great way to vent your frustrations 🙂
  7. Whenever I get overwhelmed doing whatever (shopping) on Second Life, I watch this video, to get back some perspective.
I have my RL fun facts listed here if you’re still about, reading this post 😉

Thank you again to Strawberry Singh, and Dani @


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