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I am Pisces, see me swim…away.

Many an astrology guru are spot on when they describe the essence of a Piscean. Yes, we are sensitive, yes we are caring and yes we are creative (when it suits us). While I do not personally follow the whole of the study of astrology, there are some things kind of interesting about fishies. Here are few bullet points with uhm, some ad lib O.o

-You are a bit too painstaking for your own good. 

 And that’s a bad thing, because…?

-Compulsive Purist 

Again, not a bad thing. Daniel Day Lewis ring a bell?

-You have an inner core of flexibility and determination which enables you to handle adversity in life with calm forbearance and are much more self-directed and tough than your fellow Pisceans.

This is true, BEFORE it hits full moon. Then, its fair game, and out comes Ms Bipolar of the Year.

-By nature you are very shy and reserved.

Laughable. I am as gregarious as a hippo in ballerina flats.

-Your conscience is huge, and you believe that any misconduct, real or unreal, must be dealt with. 

True. Even to the bitter, scornful end. Its pathetic really but the voices tell me to do make it right or else.  What can you do?

-Your ethics are commendable, but taken to an extreme they can bring on neurosis and asceticism.

I wish someone would have told me this back in September. Xanax be d******!

-Do not sacrifice yourself for the sake of others.

 !@#$!@#$ Now you tell me!

-Stress and anxiety often plague the Pisces-Virgo.

Omg. I so hate you right now. 

Because you are so sensitive, you too easily soak up the tensions and bad feelings of the people near you, especially those in your work situation. 

   Thus the hate continues.

It is critical that you get plenty of relaxation because of your low tolerance for stress.
   Okay you’re not so bad after all. Keep talking guru.

-Time away for meditation and introspection is a wise move.
   So September WAS a wise move. Hot dog!!!

You are always devoted and genuine, and your sense of duty is part of a need to feel desired.
   Feeling the love now guru.. keep it up.

-You are enormously hard on yourself.
  Someone give this guy an Emmy.

-You fall into depression when you discover that you cannot hold up the perfectionist standards you set for yourself. 
  So thats where the extra butt cheek came from. hmm.

Pisceans are the dustbin of all the Zodiac
  You know what they say, one man’s trash is another Piscean’s treasure.

And the last bit of Guru knowledge for the Piscean:

-You generally know which romantic partner is best for you because of your good intuition.
   🙂 and all the Catfish victims said amen.

   I stress the word, ‘generally’. Because intuition is usually brought about by experience in my opinion, sans moon or stars. Right, so lets get on with the Hottie Cooterati’s Zodiac Event which luck would have it is in its Pisces round! I first read about this event through Shiloh’s blog and thought to check it out for myself. Designers were very generous with their pricing and there were a few pieces that resounded deeply within this Piscean soul.


Outfit: Evie’s Closet Elodie Water Nymph Dress by Evangeline Miles (Available at Zodiac!)

Hair: [elikatira] Fresh in Essential White by Elika Tiramisu

Skin: Glam Affair‘s Amberly Artic Valentine 2 by Aida Ewing (Available at The Dressing Room)

Make Up: White Widow‘s Pisces Face Tattoo (Available at Zodiac)

Poses: Exposeur Poses & Animations‘ Underwater by RubyStarlight Writer (Available at Zodiac) + 10!!It’s a purple kind of week.. and time for reflection for fishies. The downside of this particular Zodiac, is that we tend to get ‘lost’ inside ourselves to the point of detriment. The upside of this Zodiac, however, is our support system, our yangs.. the other fishies. And I’ve met the best ones on the grid, and Second Life, you made that possible. *fist bump*

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