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Gridlines, viewers, and Valentine’s…

   So I think the pictures will speak for themselves. After reading and watching several  other tutorials about a well known SL Photographer-plague-OMG headache-issue, I decided to opt  for this option. Granted its an old bug, I am still glad that this option, worked out for the epic conundrum. 

Skin: Belleza’s Betty | Hair: LoQ Absolut | Tank: =Razorblade= | Shorts: <kalrau> Sports Shorts Womens | Jewelry: [MANDALA] Motsumame Ring | Mesh Barefeet: Gos Boutique


Skin: Belleza’s Betty | Hair: Wasabi Pill Shiki | Eyes: Mayfly’s Mesh Dusky Cerise w2 | Top: coldlogic Lauren in Cotton | Skirt: coldlogic hall in Cotton | Nails: Candy Nails #P027 Clear French | Jewelry: BoHo Friendship Bracelets (free giveaways); Necklace: Magic Nook Vintage Watch TDR Fusion | Mesh Barefeet Gos Boutique

  None of the above images above were edited with the exception of cropping and additional text layers..(oh and all that pretty background stuff. You can see that with each increase in resolution, the accursed gridlines did not make their debut.

   I don’t want to take the time to go into the “why’s” and “how come it didn’t work for me’s”, but I will say that while TPV’s have a great deal more to offer than what LL provides, this tiling issue at least on my end is no longer a problem when I use the Beta Viewer. So THANK YOU, LL for getting this fixed, well done and thank you to the lovely Strawberry Singh for getting the word out!

    This resident has come back to the Source.

   It’s a slow climb up the SL Photography curve but I’m up for the challenge! And for those of you lurking behind the screen, if you’re itching to try, remember, you are not alone 🙂

Skin: Belleza’s Betty, including red brow/hair base | Hair: Analog Dog Tangled in housewine | Eyes: Mayfly Mesh Eyes Monet Night w2 | Lashes: Redgrave’s Natural #6 | Dress: Kungler’s TDR Fusion #5 in Mesh | Jewelry: Mandala Motsumame Ring; Magic Nook Vintage Watch Necklace for TDR | Shoes: Mae Platforms Nude, Gos Boutique



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