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You only turn 11 once!

It’s Second Life’s Birthday party and we’re invited!

All sims will open to the general public on June 22nd.. there’s still time to pick up LL’s limited edition avatar either in world or on marketplace, wouldn’t it be neat if we all showed up like this? Someone get a picture of that!!

The official SL11B blog has been sharing sneak peeks as well as performance schedules, ‘the’ Map, and other important information.

Also you can check out SL11B video sneak peeks on youtube, I’ve linked this one for How to Volunteer for SL11B, and its pretty amusing :D Scroll through the channel for more sneak peekers too.

All dressed  up, got my nifty lanyard, crazy epic hat, all my swag attached and then some… and of course CozeyJr to keep every one entertained. Be sure to peruse the teaser pics and make your plans! We’ll see you all there!

Say by Jr…. good bee.

SL11B Website

SL11B Performance Schedule

SL11B on Twitter!

SL11B on Flickr!

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Sunday Sevensies 14

Just a warning ahead of time, this article is quite long Oo Be advised and get scroller handy.

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