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XIAJ, Cracked Mirror, Modish, double take for Rhapsody

Howdy hawdy hoody! Who dat? Why, its Mal! Mal and me, me and Mal. Its Mal with me on the strings! And we’ve got Rhapsody swag in the mix along with these rocking heels from E-Clipse, as well as the XIAJ’ Frankey Slink pack which are both at the current cycle of L’accessoires.

Here at Cozey there is always fashion, fashion with fun, events with fashion, events, talk of events and the like. But there is also music! Sweeeeet music! (but nooo wikiplayer here no siree, you on your own!)

“There’ll be music everywhere! So come on every guy, grab a girl (gently please), every where around the world!”

Rhapsody, I hear tell, will also be celebrating with a few music events as well, and I’ll be sure to share that information when it is available.

Second Life in June has been one big party after another, and why not? There’s room for everyone in this world, if everyone makes some room.

Sorry….wrong place for that.

Something tells me that the next few weeks on the blogosphere will either scare prospective residents away or join in in playing name that tune. But we shan’t forget the fashion! Do visit The Hottie Cooterati’s site for updates, previews and the official landmark.

Thanks for visiting you sweet thing you!

Featured Items:

On Wendz:
Top: *Cracked Mirror’s Torn Tube Top | Rhapsody Coming Soon!
Skirt: *Cracked Mirror’s Punk Plaid Skirt with Suspenders | Rhapsody
Shoes: *E-Clipse’ Dogma WedgeBasic | L’accessoires for June
Headphones: *Modish Kitty HeadPhones in white | Rhapsody
Necklace: *Modish PianoNotes | Rhapsody
Bracelet: *Modish PianoNotes | Rhapsody
Hair: booN POI481 (fitted mesh) |
Skin: *Glam Affair’s Cassia #5 in america | Summerfest ’14

Poses: *double take’s Joan (female single pose) and Joey (male single pose) by Valena Vacano | Rhapsody

*these pose series will be sold separate at the event

On Mal:
Top: *XIAJ’ Yuto Tank by superjaix | Rhapsody
Shorts: *XIAJ’ Lawrence Shorts by superjaix | Rhapsody
Pack: *XIAJ’ Frankey Slink Pack by superjaix | L’accessoires for June

Hair: Tableau Vivant’s Hill Dreads
Skin: Tableau Vivant’s Red #5
Shoes: Eudora 3D Moon Patrol Low Tops (Male) Blacks

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Aloha Friday Stylin’

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Touch me not

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Kunglers for L’accessoires and New hair from booN!

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Everyday Eyes

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Discovery, Pangea

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Simply Sensible

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Although the last, not least.

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L2S #56 Stepping Out

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Mon Cheri’s Falsies HUD for Mesh Eyelashes

10% edited, just cropped, brightened and contrasteded

Three cheers for Mon Cheri’s Freya Olivieri for her latest update to MC’s Mesh Eyelashes! With it comes a highly anticipated texture/color HUD that I’ve been eyeing ever since Strawberry shared the news on Flickr, and let me just say, the idea of ‘dipped’ colored lashes??! That was enough to get me in stalker mode ;)

I’ve included only a handful of the different styles and colors available through the HUD. It is very very simple to use and comes with 3 lash styles. There are myriad in choices of color and even a ‘white’ lash that affords you to be able to tint using your viewer’s color system.

You can find Freya’s in depth manual/tutorial at Mon Cheri’s official store blog. 

I am still trying to fit them just right, since my avatar’s eyes are unusually small. I noticed they are shaped differently at the ‘root’ point and as you fiddle with the positioning you’ll notice they do slide right against the lid easily. The only adjustments I did was to resize them.

You can see I’m still having some issues with the bottom lashes :/ The package also comes with a makeup remover (tattoo layer) to help better fit the lashes to your avie’s lid. I opted not to use them for now and added a black eyeliner (err something I shouldn’t really have done oi) just to get the colors of the lashes to pop out… don’t know if that had a good or bad effect though.

My absolute favorite would have to be all the Dipped colors, especially the red in style #3! Love love love ombre anything really.. that is dipped right? 4am .. and probably I’m wrong hah.

Soooo YAY! very excited to see all the styling that comes because of this magical HUD, again, way to go for a brilliant idea!

Have a great rest of the weekend and go shoppinggg!

Mon Cheri’s My Falsies with Hud by Freya Olivieri
Glam Affair’s Angelica Skin
booN Hair
Donna Flora Jewelry

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