Shopping Resources

Here are a couple of links I frequent for up to date sales, events, hunts, and general fashion/home: (Non Feed Sites)

SeraphimSL- They cover a multitude of events, “the premier Second Life Sales and Events Blog”, this is probably the most visited site for shoppers who want to browse before logging in world. I also like that they include prices within their gallery as well. While they do not cover all events, the folks behind this blog work extra hard to cover what they can. Also a great resource for advertising, prices are decent and utilization of adspace is pretty fair. Not overly cluttered with flash ads and easy to navigate. I would like to see a decent mobile page set up sort of thing (maybe an app?) where I can skim through galleries faster on my celly. That would be neat.

Elysium Hynes’ Pinterest Boards-  She has got to be the hardest, working, resident, like, ever….Everrr. Most of us volunteer our time to bring relevant information to residents, and Ely goes above and beyond. I’m a huge fan of the non event boards as well, because frankly I have no time to scroll through Flickr. She seriously needs a medal or something. Maybe they need to give her a category in the next AV choice awards, js. The nice thing about Pinterest is that it is also a download-able app for any of your mobile devices. To me, that is gold. Did I mention she includes event locations (slurls) as well? Double gold.
Pinterest for Android
Pinterest for IPhone


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