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Baby's Ear_2

Choose Your SL Adventure ~ Baby’s Ear

Neva Crystal’s Baby’s Ear is where I spent the majority of the afternoon yesterday taking in the rustic scenes of a tranquil country side and just feeling that calm and serenity I so badly needed. If you have toured through Neva’s other projects and locations her artistic signature is like none other in SL. Every scene, every nuance has a nostalgia that resounds in all of us. Back to a time where life was simply, uncluttered. Choose Your SL Adventure is a series I once started ohhh way back when, during some early morning insomnia fit. And just like you fellow blogger, sometimes you just start things and think they’re an awesome idea! Then time and the busy-ness of life gets in the way and yadda yadda back burner etc etc. Well, my yadda yadda is pretty much open for a while, and this time I’d like to try a different approach to the normal SL travelogs, with the addition of machinima. I’m still working out the the wurbles and the bleeps so to speak …