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A Cozey New Year!

  My Top 5 DO NOT do’s for 2014: 5. Do NOT bite off more than you can chew, slurp, sniff, or inhale. In all aspects of life, food and or otherwise Oo 4. Do NOT forget to buy groceries insomuch that the younguns aren’t RPing Hunter/Gatherer in ye ole kitchen. 3. Do NOT take any new Snapshots past midnight. (heh, we’ll see about this one) 2. Do NOT pretend to know stuff. Instead, know my stuff. 1. Do NOT ignore the silliness, the goofiness, the wonkiness and all the cattywampus-ness of Second Life! Tonight I’m celebrating New Years Eve over the internet with my family in Hawaii! (Polynesians and filipinos all crowding my cousin’s eensy IPAD yelling over each other and asking what we ate… “Uhm Aunty all we had was eggs and rice, coz I had to work”. There is always the next time right? :P Hope you all had a rockin’ Countdown! As we like to say back at home… IMUA! (Onward!) Credits: On Wendz~ Dress: Fishy Strawberry’s Peplum Dress New! Shoes: …