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SL Disneybound Week 11 – Zazu

not sure why the flowers went ultra pixely..

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This Fortunate Soul, SL Disneybound Week 10

That’s Mrs. Flotsam and Jetsam to you!

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SL Disneybound Week #9 Marie

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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‘My Punctual Prince’..SL Disneybounding with Aladdin and Jasmine

..did you say over, side-ways, and under dear?

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SL Disneybounding with Kuzco..

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Selfless, brave and true..

Merida SL Disneybound

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SL Disneybounding Week 5..Dory

“Hey there, Mr. Grumpy Gills. When life gets you down, 
do you wanna know what you’ve gotta do?”

Copyright All rights reserved by Natalee Oodles –

   Raise your hand if you were singing along with the rest of us? *chagrined*
   So I’m one of those that hasn’t heard about the upcoming Disney movie for Dory and much to my dismay, was mercilessly teased by my teenagers that their dear old mum, was quite behind on the latest and greatest. Right..I do love whitty children I do..
   Oh Dory, Dory, the perpetual optimist with the child-like faith, your positive attitude, your classic sense of humor. Where were you during the last post? jk. Your short term memory loss inspires the likes of me. That’s why my local office supply store runs out of Post-It notes every weekend. Lately, my memory has not been so great due to my RL medications and its quite humbling in your mid 30’s :/ Thank goodness for the internet, eh?!!! (that’s about the only ditzy line I’ll write here, I promise.)
   The color combo for Dory was very similar to Snow White’s last week and as luck would have it, an opportunity to finally show off my yellow Crash Republic’s Gauze Beach Pants. I am also wearing the collared shirt in navy from mon tissu’s, where I took this image. You can see in the reflection on the tugboat, the Erare Project Tanks.. which I think is an in-genius build btw. I had my Dory posed staring into the tanks but yeah, that didn’t work out so well. Ah well…next time.
    Do be sure to stop by for more information about SL Disneybounding. 
    Until then, stay righteous!

Featured Items:
Top>mon tissu’s collared shirt in navy (new)
Bottom>Crash Republic’s Gauze Beach Pants in yellow
Necklace and Bracelet>MiWardrobe Audrey Necklace in black; The Unique Rosary bracelet in silver
Earrings>Cherry’s Larissa Earrings in yellow*
Skin>Essences’ Opera Chic, light brown
Hair>Magika’s Awake (new)
Eyes>Mulholland’s Angelina Eyes *GIFT* Available @ Hollywood: The Event
Poses by Ricielli

Location: Mayfair Region

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Once Upon a Time..

“The mirror answered…’You, my queen, are fair; it is true. But the young queen is a thousand times fairer than you’.” Brothers Grimm


Copyright All rights reserved by Natalee Oodles –

   Greetings fellow folklorian fans. This week we celebrate Disney’sCopyright most beloved princess, Snow White at SL DisneyBound and oh what a celebration! The Flickr Pool is absolutely breathtaking and should be at least one of your daily stops. For this challenge, I chose to give a nod of sort, to one of my favorite TV shows who ironically stars, Snow White :-) I won’t go into too much detail about the show, but I’ve included hyperlinks if you care to peek. See if you can guess which part of my version of Snow, gives that ‘nod’…Hint! It’s non apparel!
   I am wearing (or rather Snow is) an ensemble of artilleri goodness from her shoulders down to her ..knees lol. Artilleri is a brand I picked up whilst looking for retro items back in the ‘club’ days, and ever since, I have fallen in love with every single piece in Antonia Marat’s collection, Ruby Capris being the top! You can put together just about any ensemble with these capris.. non meshed ultra smooth yumminess. Did someone say hour glass figure? Ch`yeah!
   Do be sure to visit Artilleri’s Mainstore and take a tour around the sim for awesome photo-ops and a good throwback to retro goodness.
   There has been so many reboots of Snow’s character as of late, more misses than hits I think. But over all, I will always picture Snow, as the princess with the purest of heart, destined to reign, destined to roam.

Featured Items:
Top>>artilleri’s Othelie Blouse in blue
Bottom>>artilleri’s Ruby Capris in yellow
Shoes>>J’s Platform Pumps by JB Gazov
Necklace>>* RezIpsa Loc * ~ Bee & Rose
Skin>>Pink Fuel’s Arcade March Gacha, Von D
Hair>>Elikatira’s Early black 04
Eyes>>Mayfly Mesh Midnight Oil w2
Nails>>Candynails Basic Red 07

Pose 1> flowey arcade tales #4
Pose 2>Diesel Works Beth Available at Pose Fair 2013
Pose 3>Embody F Portrait VIP Gift at Mainstore

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SL Disneybounding 3 – Gaston…

As a specimen yes I’m exasperating!! (my ad-lib)

  My.. what a guy that Gaston! Hate him, love him.. eat.. wait.. never mind. When I think of Gaston, the first word that comes to my mind has always been, pompous. And so there in lay my inspiration. I wanted to find  wear, something outlandish, loud, super out of the norm, weird even!
   A look this screamed, “I’m here, like it or lump it”.
   If this doesn’t say Gaston, I might just go out and get my own Le Fou to lick my.. shoes.. ok??!
   This is the Molly dress, created by riri Bazar of Hate Me and Eat Me. So appropriate wouldn’t you say? And even though the bold colors are more ‘Wonder Woman-esque’ rather than Gaston.. the message behind the design is clear to airheads like me.. Take whatever booty you can find, but remember: the Beast is mine!”.. NO no, darnit that’s the wrong message. Bad keyboard!

Featured Items:
Outfit>>h.m.a.e.m. Molly dress in red by riri Bazar Available @ The Couturier’s Docks, SaliMar (Limited stock)
Shoes>>N-core Illusion Galaxy
Earrings>>Mandala tukemonos in gold
Rings/Nails>>Pure Poison’s Naira in gold Available @ L’accessoires
Hair>>LoQ Gin in black
Skin>>Belleza’s Ava SK 6
Eyes>> Ikon Lucid Eyes Exposure
Makeup>>Lilah Lips-Milk 9 (Cupcakes)
Poses>>Ricielli poses (and 2 more I dun’ ferget which though I’m sorry :( )

SL Disneybounding @ StyleMinions
SL Disneybounding Flickr Pool

Thanks for stopping by and do the do! Hyperlink hop and try your hand at SL Disneybounding!

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SL Disneybound Challenge 2- Kiss the Girl

“…. The human world is a mess. Life under the sea is better than anything they got up there.” Sebastian

Zut alors, I have missed one!
   Impulsive, spontaneous, rebellious…I think we all have a bit of Ariel’s spirit in us eh? I remember sitting in the theater as a wide-eyed 10 year old Lilo look-alike, wondering why was Ariel making such a fuss about getting out of the water?! I love the water! I can’t live too far from it either, even in soggy Seattle.
   “Teenagers, you give them an inch, and they walk all over you.” .. how many of you parents lurking out there use this quote from Sebastian on a daily basis lol. 
   For this week’s SL Disneybound challenge, Kiss the Girl, I am wearing the FenxLeather Dress in blue from  Fleshtone which is available right now at this round of the SOHO Sample. I did have to keep checking the RL Disneybound Challenge to get an idea of the color palette so hopefully this is reminiscent of this scene in the movie. 
   Do visit the Styleminions blog for the official SL Disneybound Challenge guidelines as well as the taxi to the SOHO Sample :-) Cheers!

Featured Items:
Dress>> Fleshstone Fenx Leather Dress Blue Available at SOHO Sample
Scarf>>Magic Nook Highland Scarf Sky Blue
Shoes>>Miamai Gazelle Ankle Boots – devil
Necklace>> glow studio Pastel Coctail Necklace
Bracelet>> Mandala Takara Bangles blue stone
Headband>>GF Ribbon Headband Freebie wine red from FFL 2013
Bows>> 8+ Tonight Black bows*

Hair>>Analog Dog Hair– Tangled in house wine
Skin>>The Plastik’s Astrali-Saturn  Available at Skin Fair 2013
Eyes>>Dead Apples Sinistre in Blind Brown
Poses>> The Muse Poses

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