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Stop and stare

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Sunday Sevensies~ August 31st Edition

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Brash and Brazen

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Sunday Sevensies ~ August 10th Edition

La Metallique Fair 2 - 2048

Something special is on the way for all who embark on the ‘Must Have Shiny!” train!

L’accessoires has come full circle, celebrating 2 whole, fresh, fun, fabulous and fiercely fashionable years as Second Life’s quintessential Accessory Event. Sure I may be a little biased, okay maybe a lot o.O But truly, really, there hasn’t been a more understated event, than L’accessoires.

Here is a quick teaser video, created by our own L’ace designer’ Lybra Rage, to give you a taste of what’s to come… Enjoy with relish (and mustard maybe), and have a gloriously peaceful Sunday :)

*L’accessoires Official Blog (La Metallique Fair Blog is coming soon! Maybe… like, in 6 hours and stuff Oo)

*La Metallique Fair Flickr Page – You can find some teaser pics already and they’re so shiny!

*La Metallique Fair via Facebook



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Portrait of the Ordinary

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Sunday Sevensies Returns

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The Winds of Refreshing

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Happiness is a process

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Because I’m worth it

With the right ambiance and the perfect partner a lady can definitely feel like she’s on top of the world.

It also helps to have this magnificent piece of heaven to show off too, more specifically, Lazuri’s latest feature for L’accessoires. Zuri Lyric’s Halle jewelry set comes with several pieces including this necklace which you can customize with a simple click.

L’accessoires welcomes our favorite designers as well as some fresh new faces so do stop by and check it out!

Glam Affair is participating in Romp with this lovely version of the Kallisto skin, made just for this event. I haven’t had the chance to go yet, but according to their blog,  Romp will be featuring high quality adult themed content.

Well rawr! :O

The Theme Park also opened its doors today and I am using Ma Vie’s Never Enough pose set with my good friend Vertig0 Sands, who just happens to own one of the fastest growing male fashion brands on the grid, The V-Spot.  And did he mind at all? Probably not sos I would know :P

I hope you all have a great day whatever the weather is where you are. And whatever you do, know that in whatever weather you weather, you can have the perfect shopping trip weather in the wonderful world of Second Life.

(So that was unnecessary -.-)


On Wendz:

Hair: *X*plosion’s Calla Hair by Xplosion | Hair Fair 2014
Skin: *Glam Affair’s Kallisto #05 Jamaica by Aida Ewing | ROMP
Necklace: *Lazuri Halle All In One Necklace by Zuri Lyric | L’accessoires July
Dress: E-Clipse Mimi Dress

On VertigO:

Outfit: Zaara – Classic Suit *Coal*
Hair: Salon de GLOW – M-09 (Jet Black)
Shades: Redgrave – Sunglasses Zenith
Piercings: Hebenon Vial – Against the stream (Ink)

Pose: *Ma Vie’s Never Enough by Mavi Beck | The Theme Park

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