By Second Life Residents

Second Life Blogs by Second Life Residents

Strawberry Singh

Its Only Fashion – Cajsa Lilliehook

Through Salamander’s Eyes – Moniq Salamander

Cris Leakey

Classic Cougar Style – Cougar Sangria

Mei-nnequin - Meimei Shiu

The Wandering Faun

Sookie’s World

Unapologetic Second Life Fashion Blog

Ticklemetummy – Tigist Sapphire

pics by peep

Daniel Voyager

Elysium Hynes

Serena Style – Serenity Couerblanc

Trials of Eyeliner – Nigel Riel

Simply Dou- Katya Valeska

What Fresh SL is This- Nathaniel Pevensey

Chaotic Virtuality - Ravensong

Hope’s Playground & Bits- Hope Leissa Blaylock

Bit of Spunk 


Moka’s Way - Mokatana Boa

Virtually Dressed – Whimsy Winx

The True Diary of A Second Life Nobody - Carrie Lexington

A Threadbare Cloak – Callie Oh

Sacred Fashion – Sophia Harlow

Inspire Your Look – Nati Williams

My Second Closet – Felicity Blumenthal

Whitticisms – Jordan Whitt

Second Life Fashion Journal - Dana Yotov

Living in a Modem World - Inara Pey

Sylvia Olivier

Linda Reddevil

Ai Hienrichs

Creative Imagery Photography – Clix Renfew

A Passion for Virtual Fashion – Harper Beresford

BeautySL – Analy Amat

My Second Closet - Felicity Blumenthal

The V Spot – Vertigo Sands

Just Empty Pockets - Ellie Dollface

Rachel Price

Trouble of the Littlest Kind ~ vivvica

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