Weekend @ da Beach

Aloha Friday everyone! Meet the Orient meeting the Boho, meeting the beach, with a cheer for the New Lunar Year! I’ve rather taken to this hat from Lode, could dress it up or down with just about anything really, I took it with me to a formal jazz club a few days ago, and the only person who said anything negative was me. “They are so gonna kick me out. But don’t it look fly with sequins?… Oh there’s security, shoot.”

The Vali shirt and pants are available at Style Icon, courtesy of Miamai. And in case I haven’t mentioned it before (hah), L’accessoires’ Timeless Romance Gacha Event is still rockin’ it for 2 more weeks, so if you’re looking for a quick and inexpensive BUT quality gift, this is the place to come and shop as the gachas are all transferable.

The weekend is finally here and I’ll be chillaxing at my new ‘crib’.  If you need a shopping buddy, ping me! Till next time~


Miamai Vali Shirt and Pants for Style Icon
LODE Hat Warrior for Style Icon
Oyasumi chinese Lamp for Chinese New Year Festival
*Miamai Moon Pumps
*Miamai Valentine Eyes (pink) gacha for L’accessoires
*Modern Couture Seduction Collar gacha for L’accessoires
Glam Affair Vera 7
Slink Casual/Fist Mesh Hands
LoQ White Hairbase
Ikon Spectral Eyes Wight
Poses: Ma Vie; Everglow (various)
Location: My New Place!!

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