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Autumn Grasshopper

Twisted Color Challenge Week 44 Autumn Grasshopper 

Its a really cute title for this color combo, and stepping out of my comfy box for an orange/yellow theme. Must invest in more orange thats for sure, all I found were summer shirts and a ‘salmon’ ish colored skirt. I have been going to BoHo HoBo for years but have not blogged  very much about the brand, which is a crying shame, Trill Zapatero has a unique collection of patterns and textures that are crazy good. She speaks to the artsy Seattelite in my lil ole hawaiian heart lol.

If you have a chance, take the limo in the credits to BoHo HoBo’s. Trill’s love for the arts and community is prevalent throughout the area so be sure to peruse slowly with an open mind :D

Next week’s challenge is up at Sookie’s World, hope you can join in!

BoHo HoBo Evergreen Cardigan by Trill Zapatero
Maitreya Shine Leggings in yellow
Leonard Autumn Leather Shopper
*Mon’s Big Button Earrings in orange
Kosh’ Ribbon Necklace
Ison’s hawkin’ boots in tomato (past Arcade Gacha)
Belleza’s Amy BBB2 skin
Magika Rewind Hair
Slink Bag and Elegant Mesh Hands
Poses | props: Kirin’s Autumn Leaves Pose/props; The Muse Poses

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In the Midst

In the Midst by Bumblebee (lyrics)

Have you been through a storm,
Darkling clouds on each side?
And your heart tries to carry you home?

Have you been through a night,
when the stars hid their light?
No recourse for that flailing soul..

My friend there’s an answer,
to life’s deepest longing.
A hope far beyond all we’ve ever known.
My friend, there is laughter
and the promise of new beginnings,
Take my hand, and we’ll go, through the midst of the storm.

Take my hand, and we’ll go, through the midst of the storm.


Zibska’s Chloe Ensemble in Smoke
Zibska’s Xiang ‘The Birrrrds’
*22769 Obi Blindfold for L’accessoires October
LoQ Chinese Hair
NXS Pisces Tattoo
Slink Casual Mesh Hands
Slink Mesh Flat Barefeet
Pose|prop: Icons of Style ‘The Object’

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Beach Club

Twisted Color Week #43 Beach Club

I wear scarves to the beach. They help shelter the windows and doors into that crazy room where all the funny people live.  Had fun styling this look, its a 180 degree turn from the last post. The only ‘new’ things I purchased were the Simona Trousers in vanilla from Mutresse, and this curly tousled ponytail from Analog Dog, one of my favorite places to raid for the not so normal ‘curly did’.  In fact I only go to AD for that organic curly did, look. Something about mixing mesh and flexi with hair, it just works.

If you’re looking for a good fashion challenge, Twisted Color is a great one to do :) Check it out!

Aloha till next time :)

Ison’s Angora sweater in forest
Mutresse Simona Trousers in vanilla
Leonard’s My Autun Lace Boots
Ispachi’s Heusto Scarf
Kosh Ribbon Necklace
Luas Owl Ring
*Azoury’s Heima Purse in Caramel (past L’ace)
Analog Dog’s Tipsy Hair
Belleza’s Oakley Skin
Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eyes spring moss
Slink Bag/Elegant1 Mesh Hands
Poses: Diesel Works


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L2S #45 Hope Deferred

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Lost Horizon – Travel SL 52

Lost Horizon

“”We do not want merely to see beauty . . . We want something else which can hardly be put into words – to be united with the beauty we see, to pass into it, to receive it into ourselves, to bathe in it, to become part of it.”  CS Lewis

Studio @ Lost Horizon

“I was told every day in my childhood, even when we grow old, that home will be where the heart is. Never were words so true!” Beauty and the Beast

A place for respite.. Lost 

“….This is the rest wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest; and this is the refreshing:….” Isaiah 28.12

Cougar’s Lost Horizon will always be a home for Wendy the Lost girl. A few weeks ago, I happened to come by and visit as she had just placed a few more goodies out near her photo studio. The first thing I  noticed were the huge trees leading up to the front and the pathway that led to it.  It was very much like the scene where Jenny returns home to Forrest… (I know corny, but that’s what it felt like)

She is constantly tinkering with the landscape, bringing in these beautiful builds that I just drool over. Heck I drool over the fact that she has a full region, let alone free range aminals! I for one, have never felt lost or alone here. Every corner of the sim greets you, every detail is placed with purpose and every moment I get to spend there I get to capture and keep with me.

No longer the lost girl here sis.. you’ve seen to that ;)

Travel SL 52 Flickr Pool
Travel SL 52 Challenge

Top: Sheepdoor Flannel Shirt
Bottom: Sakide Vintage Denim Skirt
Backpack: Kalrau
Bracelet: Kosh’s Lor
Hair: LoQ Sherry
Pose: aDORKable Attitude #5
Location: Lost Horizon
Windlight: Annan Adored’s Light Explosion II



L2S #44 Magnificent Obsession

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L2S #43 Midweek Mix and Match

If you’re any where near any coastline, you’ll understand my bit of rant when I say, this fog nearly suffocated the joy out of my life lol. The sun finally poked through earlier this afternoon during this shoot and so, thought it be nice to share this today rather than tomorrow.

More from the second annual Boho Culture Fair, aren’t these skirts from Pure Poison great? I also nabbed Luas Nicky Top as well as this Owl Jewelry set all at the Fair, I guess I’ve jumped into the Owl anything fandom too :)

The Cosmetic Fair is still in full force and for some reason I keep going back, because I know I’ve missed something. I’m starting to collect more and experiment but it seems like my avies face is not meant for the more flamboyant designs. So, still a work in progress.

Kosh is another brand at the Cosmetic Fair, and I’m so loving the Pochep Nails almost akin to elegant goth (I think). I was reading on someone’s plurk about an idea for a Slink Add-On Fair, or at least something like that. It would be a neat idea, think of all the designers who we haven’t heard of and yet have these readily available at their store.

I came over to Sari Sari’s expecting to land on ground level, but it has since been moved to the sky.. wandered a bit and found this great coffee shop, was it there before? I don’t remember Oo, but I know now :D Still a beautiful build nonetheless.

Have a terrific rest of the evening and be sure to peruse the links for more information~

Luas Urban Style Nicky Top for Boho Culture Fair
Pure Poison’s Boho Skirt (model7) for Boho Culture Fair
Luas  Owl Jewelry Set includes ring, earrings and necklace (not shown)
Kosh’ Epiphany Bracelet
Kosh’ Brittle Necklace in Ebony New! 
Dura’ 3rd Anniversary Hair! (group gift)
Glam Affair’s Vera 7 (w/ Nose 01, Moles A tattoo layers) New!
Glam Affair’s Elit eye makeup #1 for Cosmetic Fair
Glam Affair’s Prezioso Lipstick #5 for Cosmetic Fair
Glam Affair’s Couture Eyeliner #2
Kosh’ Pochep Nail Addon (for slink mesh hands) for Cosmetic Fair
Slink Casual, Gesture and bag Mesh Hands
Poses: Sari Sari’s feminine poses c2, a4, a2
Location: Sari Sari Coffee House :D

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For your pretty tootsies~

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22769, Zibska for L’accessoires

 L’accessoires brings familiar designers back to light for the month of October. I’m wearing 22769’s Obi blindfold in green and white. They’ve really taken to this eye fashion wear trend. Also Zibska’s Minori collar is another great addition to this cycle, includes 2 extra pieces (which I don’t have shown here but here’s a full compilation)

Bliensen + MaiTai’s Mailin Satin Black and Red shoes grace my feetsies and I chose to wear something ‘bun’ like  for my weave errrr hair, from Dura! 

Have a great morning and I would just like to take this time to say, Thank you. Thank you, lurker, reader, fan-er, stalker, spellchecker.. thank you for visiting Cozey and making it a part of your blog hopping adventures :)

See ya in a lil bit~

Featured Items:
*Zibska’s Minori Collar for L’accessoires
*22769 Obi Blindfold for L’accessoires
Bliensen + MaiTai’s Mailin Shoes
Dura Girl**08 Hair ‘lady’s hair’
Peqe Pisces Jumpsuit
Kosh’ Pochep Nails (slink av/e) for The Cosmetic Fair
Pose 2- Apple Spice Sweet Pose 001 for Boho Culture 


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Embracing the Silly

That’s it. I’ve hit the silly quota for this week, and I can’t make anymore withdrawals from the Funny farm bank. Read the rest of this entry »


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