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SL Disneybounding 3 – Gaston…

As a specimen yes I’m exasperating!! (my ad-lib)

  My.. what a guy that Gaston! Hate him, love him.. eat.. wait.. never mind. When I think of Gaston, the first word that comes to my mind has always been, pompous. And so there in lay my inspiration. I wanted to find  wear, something outlandish, loud, super out of the norm, weird even!
   A look this screamed, “I’m here, like it or lump it”.
   If this doesn’t say Gaston, I might just go out and get my own Le Fou to lick my.. shoes.. ok??!
   This is the Molly dress, created by riri Bazar of Hate Me and Eat Me. So appropriate wouldn’t you say? And even though the bold colors are more ‘Wonder Woman-esque’ rather than Gaston.. the message behind the design is clear to airheads like me.. Take whatever booty you can find, but remember: the Beast is mine!”.. NO no, darnit that’s the wrong message. Bad keyboard!

Featured Items:
Outfit>>h.m.a.e.m. Molly dress in red by riri Bazar Available @ The Couturier’s Docks, SaliMar (Limited stock)
Shoes>>N-core Illusion Galaxy
Earrings>>Mandala tukemonos in gold
Rings/Nails>>Pure Poison’s Naira in gold Available @ L’accessoires
Hair>>LoQ Gin in black
Skin>>Belleza’s Ava SK 6
Eyes>> Ikon Lucid Eyes Exposure
Makeup>>Lilah Lips-Milk 9 (Cupcakes)
Poses>>Ricielli poses (and 2 more I dun’ ferget which though I’m sorry :( )

SL Disneybounding @ StyleMinions
SL Disneybounding Flickr Pool

Thanks for stopping by and do the do! Hyperlink hop and try your hand at SL Disneybounding!

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L2S 5.. It smells purple around here..

Taken with Singularity, edited on PSE11

   Doing one of those spur of the moment posts in the middle of the night. That last shopping spurt when you can’t get into a full sim (aka Pose Fair 2013 at about 1am SLT). And something’s been driving my inventory wonky the past few hours.. did the sys admins fall asleep? 
  So, many of you know that Maya, the owner and designer behind Toki-Doki is back and she has released a set of cutesy cutesy Haru jackets (SO adorable). I’ve always loved her simple and minimilistic (sp?) approach to her designs and feature her pieces quite often. She and a handful of talented artists on the grid still incorporate painted on clothing and sculpts for which I am glad. Her mesh creations are awesome as well!
  Do visit Toki-Doki’s main store and don’t forget to check the hyperlinks to the events! 
raw img

Featured Items:
Jacket>>Toki-doki Haru Jacket violet flowers Available @ TDR 9!
Pants>>erratic’s zoey leather pants
Headband>>Toki-doki mighty headband 4
Necklace 1>>MagicNook Easter Egg Necklace  Available @ TDR 9!
Necklace 2>>glow studio’s Zoo Panda necklace  Available @ TDR 9!
Glasses>>glow studio’s Zoo Panda glasses  Available @ TDR 9!
Hair>>taketomi’s Neo in dark brown by Bella Earst
Skin>>Al Vulo Ramona / Peacock Fair  Available @ TDR 9!
Pose>> Diesel Works’ Beth Available @ Post Fair!!

<<< Thanks to those of you who take the time to post, create and teach us your tips and tricks to a better image. I’m learning so much, and so grateful that you all do this for no recompense. That tells me you are all sharing the knowledge to help the community as a whole, and that my friend, makes you a rock star!

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Twisted Color Challenge Week 9 Lyndhurst Plum

This is the Silent posting game, hosted by yours truly.

 Featured Items:

Hairbow>>Toki-D bow-funk Gacha
Skirt>>Toki-D Eri Skirt-mint flowers

Top>>erratic’s Amy Silk Blouse in White
Necklace>>Cae’s Sakura Necklace Available @ The Boutique
Ring>>glow studio Birdy Ring Silver
Skin>>Glam Affair’s Luria 2
Eyes>> Ibanez Colorglow Eyes Sirion
Hair>>Clawtooth’s Surfer Rosa in coco
Pose>> Purple Poses

Twisted Color Challenge Blog

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Twisted Color Challenge Week 8 – Morning Rose

   Tell you all another thing about blogging that I’ve learned this week… I finally get the ‘music/song/lyric’ behind the posting inspiration bit.

“Every rose has it’s thorn 
Just like every night has it’s dawn 
Just like every cowboy sings his sad, sad song 
Every rose has it’s thorn “

  100+ points to the lucky person who can name the band behind this all time fave \m/.
  DO visit Sookie’s World and try your hand in the Twisted Color Challenge!

Featured Items:
Top>> little bones Leisure Jumper in Peach Pit floral  (Love love love the entire collection, do visit!)
Bottom>>coldLogic jeans Calle .02
Earrings>>Inside Lab’s Crossed Earrings in silver|black
Bracelet>>Mijn Botique accessoires crossed bangle in black
Shoes>>KIM Monnde Mesh Platforms in black
Eyes>>Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh in Stormy Blue w2
Skin>>Pink Fuel’s Alena in vanilla/azure
Hair>>Elikatira’s Locked in blonde
Pose>>!bang mini series Overcome 4 Available at The Zodiac!

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Twisted Color Challenge Week 7- Truffle Valley

    Did I come close? Oh dear. Please forgive my color blindedness lol. See, this challenge is great, because I have to actually think. It’s also encouraging me to look at my RL wardrobe with a different eye as well! Never mind that I get fashion tips from my 13 year old teenager! 
   I used my client’s keyword filter and looked for yellow or mustard but nothing really popped out. So I figured lets try a bronze or gold and upped pop one of Gizza’s classic but oh so relevant ensembles, the Amorah (soil). I used to flaunt this number like a golden tower of slexiness around the club and it made a great talking piece for the Burlesque events :/ Sculpts are STILL in style btw.. just saying.
   Granted its not technically yellow :(( I’m so so sorry!! Will try to put a more concerted effort for the next one. The ear pieces are the latest offerings from Remarkable Oblivion at this week’s SOHO Sample and my hair is from the one and only Maddox DuPont of MADesigns. I also chose to wear the Plastik’s Astrali|Saturn skin with the complimentary Juna face tatt. I simply am in love with the entire Astrali series and applaud the hard work that was put into it!
    Glad you could drop by today, and I’m looking forward to finally getting caught up! Like, really really looking forward to it..with purse in hand… and coffee..treats for us stragglers.
Featured Items:
Outfit>>Gizza’s Amorah | soil | by Giz Seorn
Earpieces/Earrings>>Remarkable Oblivion’s Elysium in Hippogryph Available @ SOHO sample
Skin>>The Plastik’s Astrali-Saturne, (Juna Face tattoo included) Available @ Skin Fair 2013
Hair>>MADesigns Aria Club | black | by Maddox DuPont 
Hairbase>>MADesigns Hairbase Hearts
Eyes>>IKON Lucid Eyes- Exposure
Pose>>!bang poses Available @ Zodiac-Aries

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Twisted Color Challenge Week 6 – Poetic Spa

   Aloha! Wanted to do a quick blurb about this lovely dress by Leri Miles of Leri Miles Designs. You can find the Gidget Floral dress this month at Fashion Limited. Fashion Limited is a monthly event that features quality content at competitive prices. There is a catch however! Only 50 items of each product are available, hence the ‘limited’, so do a quick limo hop and drop by. 
   I first learned of Leri Miles’ Designs at this year’s Fashion For Life and have since included LMD in my list of ‘go here and bring lotsa monies’ places^^.
   Gradually catching up with everyone over at Sookie’s Twisted Color Challenge. If you like to think outside of the ‘color’ ‘box’, this challenge is perfect. I try to stay within the theme and yes, its kind of a hit and miss, but I am learning so much from this. Thank you Sookie for hosting TCC! On to the next shall we?
Featured Items:
Dress>>LMD Gidget Floral Dress in Creme by Leri Miles Available @ Fashion Limited! (limited quantities)
Shoes>>Gos Lolita Espadrilles in Jade Available @ The Boutique
Necklace>>MG Wild Honey in pearl Available @ the Arcade
Skin>>Glam Affair Zara-America Available @ the Skin Fair 2013
Hair>>Eaters Coma Gift 03 Light Blonde 
Eyes>>Dead Apples Sinistre in Blind Brown
Lashes>>Izzie Button Lashes v1.03
Poses>> The Muse Poses

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SL Disneybound Challenge 2- Kiss the Girl

“…. The human world is a mess. Life under the sea is better than anything they got up there.” Sebastian

Zut alors, I have missed one!
   Impulsive, spontaneous, rebellious…I think we all have a bit of Ariel’s spirit in us eh? I remember sitting in the theater as a wide-eyed 10 year old Lilo look-alike, wondering why was Ariel making such a fuss about getting out of the water?! I love the water! I can’t live too far from it either, even in soggy Seattle.
   “Teenagers, you give them an inch, and they walk all over you.” .. how many of you parents lurking out there use this quote from Sebastian on a daily basis lol. 
   For this week’s SL Disneybound challenge, Kiss the Girl, I am wearing the FenxLeather Dress in blue from  Fleshtone which is available right now at this round of the SOHO Sample. I did have to keep checking the RL Disneybound Challenge to get an idea of the color palette so hopefully this is reminiscent of this scene in the movie. 
   Do visit the Styleminions blog for the official SL Disneybound Challenge guidelines as well as the taxi to the SOHO Sample :-) Cheers!

Featured Items:
Dress>> Fleshstone Fenx Leather Dress Blue Available at SOHO Sample
Scarf>>Magic Nook Highland Scarf Sky Blue
Shoes>>Miamai Gazelle Ankle Boots – devil
Necklace>> glow studio Pastel Coctail Necklace
Bracelet>> Mandala Takara Bangles blue stone
Headband>>GF Ribbon Headband Freebie wine red from FFL 2013
Bows>> 8+ Tonight Black bows*

Hair>>Analog Dog Hair– Tangled in house wine
Skin>>The Plastik’s Astrali-Saturn  Available at Skin Fair 2013
Eyes>>Dead Apples Sinistre in Blind Brown
Poses>> The Muse Poses

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L2S #4 Statement Necklaces, long coats and.. grid lines?

   Yeah I’m still learning how to get rid of those (grid lines). What’s that saying, we’re our own worst enemy? The problem is I use 3 different machines (computers/laptops) and only one of them has the SL Beta Viewer and ‘good’ graphics card. I’m not using that one right now hence that sexy line riding down the middle of the image^^

   Yesterday I took a few pictures of the new Ruca Tease Patchwork Leather coat and not long after, Bon went ahead and sent me the next in the same line, the Lulumoon Ladies long coat, complete with mesh boy shorts. Her choice in the paisley like texturing and bold colors of black and pink I think made the outfit stand out. I really like this type of cut with the meshies btw and will be looking for more.
   So this is where I learn that ‘styling’ thing yah? What do plunging necklines usually call for besides a place to hide hankies? A statement necklace! See I am learning! Decided on E-clipse’ LaSchiava Necklace in Onyx|Silver to complement that paisley, and cross my fingers I hope that was a good choice. 
    Thanks for dropping by :-)

Featured Items:

Outfit>> Ruca Tease’ Lulumoon by Bonadea Avedon Available @ Ruca Tease Main Store

Jewelry>>E-clipse LaShiava Necklace in Onyx|Silver Available @ L’acessoires

Hair>>Tableau Vivant Hathaway
Available @ Collabor88

Poses>> Diesel Works Alex
 Available @ Collabor88

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Strawberry’s Social Media Meme

“I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland

   Folks, this is the mother of all memes. Strawberry Singh’ Social Media Meme is pretty in depth, and what I will appreciate most about this meme, will be ALL the connections we make. Strawberry is an absolute genius!!!
   I wanted to take a bit to plug in Strawberry’s website here (for whomever is lurking) because like so many of you, her blog was my starting point and inspiration in taking that blogging leap. I could have chosen anything to yack about, Breedables, Events, People, Third Party Viewers Oo (I jest). But the wonderful world of SL Fashion has way too many goodies and the horizon is ever changing, never the same, regardless of templates and drama. And Strawberry’s website is chock FULL of information and links to other tuts, bloggers, tips and oh gosh.. we could go on..*pours you some tea*
   So before that atrocious clock tells me its time to go to bed, let’s jump right in to the Social Media Meme! (Do click on the hyperlinks to get back to Strawberry’s blog and try the challenge for yourself)

What was the first social network you joined using your SL Avatar?
Facebook 2010 (I think) Back then I was told to put RL info to keep it from being deleted. Not sure if that worked or was legit.
Which social networks are you currently on using your SL Avatar? (I’ve listed in order by frequency of use)
Facebook– Still use this as main social network
Tumblr– I use often and do short posts here
Pinterest – Have you all checked out Eysium Hynes’ Pinterest? You simply must! I go here before any of the feeds.
Koinup– More comfortable here than Flickr atm, Community is very supportive
Plurk– Its not much, but I have one. 
Google+ Good resource!
Flickr– Still contemplating premium membership
Forums: (They’re really not considered social media like we know it now to be, but in my RL I am an avid forumer. These are some SL ones I belong to)
SL Universe– Had one for spamming Club Events
SL Community Forums – same as above
SL Profiles– cleared it but its still listed

Another tidbit: I’ve used Google Docs for social office networking group/event/whatever planning as well. (8 people on a google doc planning out events for the month mhm fun)

Which network is your favorite?
Right now it would have to be tumblr. The ease of use is a + for me and works well with my time because I do most of my lurking on mobile O.O

Which network is your least favorite?
This is going to go against the current, but it would have to be Flickr. I realize that in order to have more space you need to pay for it there. I use places like Koinup, Facebook, tumblr, photobucket, or other photo sharing and storage sites where I don’t have to pay a fee.

Which network do you have the most amount of connections?
How/Where do you usually read/use most of your networks?
My phone
What are your favorite social networking apps? (if applicable)
Android really is a wonder huh lol… Lumiya all the way. It’s not a social network app, but another viewer for SL. I still use it for socializing though! Next would have to be tumblr, then Facebook for Android. I also use for Skype with my SL friends.
What do you like most about social networking sites?
Other than keeping connected (plugged in, addicted, whatever), I like to see what’s new, what’s going on with my friends, who’s doing what event, what’s new on the fashion scene, your awesome pictures and finds, and will admit I read the gossy sometimes :/
What do you like least about social networking sites?
Status updates that read like, “_______ is tired. That is all”. That drives me crazy and I’ve stopped doing that! (told on myself right there!!!)
Do you feel social networks are a good way to promote you/your brand/your work? 
I feel that there is a trick to every social network. Before you sign up and just start spamming your information, it’s good to get a feel of what the community there is like and how to use the network efficiently. (I agree with Strawberry here)
What is your main reason for using Social Networks?
Before I ever started blogging, I used social networking for connecting off world. I was in and out of college the first year of my main avatar’s life, and social networks were a means for me to keep in touch with my friends and SL job. During my stint with Club Velvet Manor, I joined more off world networks in order to promote the club and their events. For my blog I am finding that I am comfortable using Facebook, tumblr, Koinup and commenting on your alls’ blog posts too! Social Networks = Lurking prowess. 

Many thanks for another rockin’ meme, Strawberry! Here’s to making those connections everyone~

More Willy Wonka than Mad Hatterish :/
Featured Items:
Coat>> Ruca Tease Patchwork Leather Coat by Bonadea Avedon* New! Demo available at Main Store
Hat>> Lode Magnoli Hat in plum Available at L’accessoires
Scarf>> 22769 [homme] Luka Leather Scarf Available at L’accessoires*
Earrings>> HANDverk’s Cake Earrings Available at Limited Bazaar
Necklace>> MiWardrobe The Alice’s Tea Necklace Available Now at Limited Bazaar
Ring>> E-Clipse LaSchiava Ring Ametist Gold Available Now at L’accessoires*
Glasses>> Iruco Blow Glasses Gacha Available Now at the Arcade

Hair>>Tableau Vivant’s Hathaway Available Now at Collabor88
Skin>>Pink Fuel Gacha #4 Ghost Available Now at the Arcade

Cupcake’s Skinny Green Jeans

Location: Almost Wonderland  

*Limited Bazaar Blog


Ruca Tease’ Spring Fling Evening Gown-Available Exclusively at OTFC!

“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most. ” 
― John Ruskin

   Bonbon has done it again! She has released this fabulous Spring Fling Evening gown for this month’s October’s Trending Fashion Chamber and what a pleasure it is to wear such cool and serene colors, with a mermaid tail to boot! I heart mermaid tail gowns and the color palette is so reminiscent of the waters. A touch of pink comes from Siane Kanya’s Salve Jewelry set and a bold headpiece by Glam Affair rounds out this look.
   You can find more information about October’s Trending Fashion Chamber here. Do take the Limo and stop by to see the demo for Bon’s Spring Fling Evening Gown, available exclusively at OTFC!

Featured Items:
Gown>> Ruca Tease Spring Fling Mermaid Gown by Bonadea Avedon Available at October’s Trending Fashion Chamber
Hairpiece>> Glam Affair’s I follow Rivers in Aqua Bomb by Aida Ewing Available Now at Collabor88
Jewelry>> {me.} Salve Necklace and Ring in Pink by Siane Kanya FFL 2013 find

Hair>> Truth’s Cheyenne in Blonde
Skin>> Pink Fuel’s Alena in Vanilla-Azure
Eyes>> Mayfly’s Deep Sky Mesh Eyes in Monet Night
Lashes>> Izzie Button Mesh Lashes
Nails>> Candy Nail Prim Clear Glitter French

Poses>> !bang’s Zodiac Series for Aries Available Now at the Zodiac

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